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01 August, 2016


Joe McCanta

I’ve seen everything from clarified Espresso Martinis to techniques such as fermentation and individual ingredient ageing. Luckily we live in a time when the high-end cocktail bartender is someone you can trust to lead you and the guest is open to being led. Due to the incredible creativity in high-end bars I believe guests consume vodka in more adventurous ways in that environment.

I’m also seeing a lot of incredible post-Prohibition vodka cocktails popping up – especially the delicious Gypsy Queen and Royal Toast. Apart from that Le Fizz has become a real classic – I’m going into bars and seeing it served with other vodkas than Grey Goose, which is the best compliment I can think of. The Espresso Martini is finally having its place in the sun as well – the late, great Dick Bradsell would be proud to see yet another of his fantastic creations become a classic. In more mainstream bars I see staples you know you can trust – Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary and Classic Vodka Martini.

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Tess Posthumus

The Great Tipping Debate

Tipping can be a difficult subject in the bar industry. As a bar owner, bartender and regular consumer, I see it from every perspective and it can be tricky to get right.