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01 August, 2016


Max Warner

I have seen diets coming into play in some markets, with gluten and dairy-free options replacing some well-known cocktail ingredients. For instance, chickpea milk is being used instead of egg white for scotch Whisky Sours, giving a creamy, slightly nutty flavour that is overall very tasty and still gives that classic velvety texture. I have also seen botanical flavours and flowers being used much more, in particular heather infused in honey and barley flowers dried and stirred into unrefined brown sugar for a delicate twist on an Old Fashioned.

Cocktail competitions such as the Chivas Masters make scotch relevant for bartenders and reminds them of celebrated classics, such as Morning Glory Fizz (created in 1888), Rob Roy (created in 1892), Blood & Sand (created in 1922), Starboard Light (created in 1954) and not to mention serves such as the Affinity and Scofflaw.


Philip Duff

Duff Said: Awash with rum

As the weather gets bleak Philip Duff turns to the warming notes of rum for comfort. But there are currently several elements unsettling the category