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09 June, 2016

Monkey Shoulder Konga Shaker


Brand owner William Grant & Sons

RRP Priceless/Free

Markets Global

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William Grant’s Monkey Shoulder team has resurrected the Konga Shaker, a stainless steel cylindrical cocktail shaker with red plastic handles, which was popular in the 1930s. A limited quantity has been produced soley for the bartending community.

The Konga is double the size of a traditional shaker (1.5 litre capacity), and has rotating handles allowing cocktails to be made with a rolling rather than a shaking motion.

According to the Monkey Shoulder team, the Konga Shaker is able to produce up to four cocktails at a time.

The strainer design has been updated so that when held vertical it creates an airlock which stops the ingredients from straining out of the shaker.


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