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05 May, 2016

Disznókö Dry Furmint 2015


Brand owner Disznókő

RRP €10, US$20, £13.99

Markets Global

Contact UK Gonzalez Byass UK Arthur Boulgaris, +44 (0)7880 200106), arthur.boulgaris@gonzalezbyassuk.com

France Compagnie Médocaine des Grands Crus, Vincent Gournac, +06 12 55 37 70), gournac.v@medocaine.com

US VINTUS, +1 (914) 769-3000, amichas@vintuswines.com

Disznókő has opted to change the bottle of its fruity dry Tokaj Dry Furmint 2015 white wine from the Tokaj in Hungary.

Disznókő director László Mészáros said: “There is no other white wine anywhere in the world that resembles a dry Tokaj Furmint. Our aim is to highlight the very singular character of our grapes and terroir among consumers.

"We were genuinely delighted about the recent project by designer Géza IPACS to come up with a new Tokaj bottle, and we are pleased to be taking part in this regional initiative.”

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