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11 March, 2016

It has been launched in the large multiple grocers across the UK as “the perfect addition for a party, BBQ or picnic”.

Cointreau also recently launched a Great ’30s limited edition, celebrating the progressive Parisienne ladies of the 1930s. It is available  across global travel retail and domestic (€26 per a litre GTR).

Rémy Cointreau UK marketing director Eleonore Moreau tells DI:  “Cointreau is a must-have for cocktails – it is a huge strength for us.  Cointreau is a pillar of the cocktail list everywhere in the world. It is to be found in all the most iconic cocktails, such as Sidecar, Cosmopolitan, White Lady and Margarita.

“La Maison Cointreau launched a refreshing and chic cocktail called Cointreau Fizz (5cl Cointreau, 2cl fresh lime juice, 10cl soda water), which has starting doing extremely well.”

She adds that the Cointreau Creative Crew, described as a worldwide philanthropist programme, kicked off in the UK. It is said to reveal and support women’s creativity by encouraging them to make their dreams come true.


Brizard’s Baker sees the US as one of the healthiest markets, but adds a note of caution. “Even though the US economy is slowly improving, the younger generation is expected to have a lot of debt. They are extremely cautious about their budget and always looking for alternatives. Brands will be built through social media as this is now the platform where consumers are looking for brand validation.

“The legalisation of cannabis in many states in the US will definitely affect the overall consumption of alcohol in the US. Shotka (Marie Brizard’s cannabis-flavoured liqueur) will be positioned as a hemp liqueur, thus allowing it to create a unique niche in the market, away from the hugely competitive vodka category,” says Baker.

Illva Saronno international sales director Domenico Toni is equally bullish about the US.

He says: “Sales have been extremely good in North America through our agent, Webb. Depletions have grown for Disaronno by more than 40% versus last year, so it was a remarkable performance.

“The Caribbean islands (duty free) show some promising trends, with Disaronno growing in high single-digit figures, while Tia Maria has shown very strong growth in Jamaican duty free.”

“We are expecting solid growth for the year ahead as the core North American travellers will continue to travel. But naturally there is uncertainty when you look at the dynamics of South America and its possible impact,” says Toni.

De Kuyper is a huge player in liqueurs. Global marketing director Albert De Heer says: “In our new strategy we are focusing on the cocktail and we see that there are many opportunities to premiumise liqueurs.

“The current cocktail surge focuses heavily on the classic cocktails, and that reflects on our classic flavours such as triple sec, cherry brandy and apricot brandy,” he says.


De Kuyper is preparing some new initiatives with bartenders which will launch towards the end of the year.

“While the fruit-flavoured liqueurs are also very popular De Kuyper is especially looking for more complex and layered flavours, traditionally made in our distillery, as this
resonates especially with bartenders,” says de Heer.

Rossi D’Asiago has Antica sambuca, Volare and limoncello. CEO and export director Nicola Dal Toso says Antica is the number one sambuca brand in the UK and number two worldwide.

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