OZ Wine: Outback steps forward

17 March, 2015

Countries apart

Vasse Felix international marketing manager Lloyd Constantine says: “Leading with our country’s wine regions remains the most significant thing Australian producers can do internationally. Many of our regions are the equivalent of being countries apart in European terms. 

“Over the past couple of years at Vasse Felix we have refined our wine collection to focus only on the varieties that Margaret River grows best Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, along with Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blends.”

Coutures says: “I see the diversity of Australian wine as one of its biggest assets – our industry has the breadth and depth to respond to differing consumer needs. In mature markets we see confident wine consumers looking for new experiences, and the Australian wine industry is well-placed to meet these needs. 

“In emerging markets we see a growing middle class in cultures with a strong focus on the meal occasion – wine is a perfect companion for food and the diversity of Australian wines means that we have a wine for every cuisine. 

“The Restaurant Australia campaign launched in 2014 by Tourism Australia and supported by the wine industry is a great example of how food, wine and tourism can be combined to showcase the best that Australia can offer.”

Brokennwood’s Krieger concludes: “The future is very bright for Australian wine. The task is to continue to tell our story and educate consumers globally that Australian wines are multi-dimensional, regionally specific and as diverse as the wines of Europe. After all, our island continent is roughly the same size as Europe.

The final word goes to Oz Clarke  –who, by the way is Welsh and his ‘real’ name is Owen. He was dubbed Oz because of his love of cricket and the Australian cricket team. 

He says: “I found in Australia my soulmate. Good wine, enjoyable, approachable wine available to all; affordable by all. Sometimes seeking to provide the greatest pleasure for the greatest number – and achieving it. Sometimes saying: ‘We’re not frightened, we can equal those old-timers from Europe.’ But more often saying: ‘We’re Australian, we don’t copy anyone. Take us for what we are. And enjoy it.’”

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