Rainbow Brandy

16 January, 2015

Notable exceptions

Distell’s Snyman is more upbeat. “The entire spirits segment has been under pressure as consumers have had less disposable income. Not all brandy products have been in decline, though. Some notable exceptions have come from the speciality, connoisseur segment of the market as more South Africans get to hear of the world-class performance of our products at international shows.  

“This country has won the title of Worldwide Best Brandy no fewer than 12 times over the past 14 years. We are confident that the market holds good prospects for the continued growth of the premium brandy category and a recovery for brandy in general.

“Getting the nod from some of the most serious international arbiters of taste has given South African brandy a new aura of prestige. People want to discover for themselves why judges who are familiar with brandies and other spirits from all over the world find local brandies so excellent. 

“This is helping to give consumers much-needed confidence in this locally produced spirit. South African brandy is a highly versatile product, made in a number of different styles which can adapt to suit the occasion. The challenge is educating consumers,” she says.

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Nick Strangeway

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