A View from the City – Milan

09 December, 2014

What are the cool drinks right now?

A drink that has become popular in the last half century is the Sbagliato. The Negroni Sbagliato (Wrong Negroni) was created by mistake at Bar Basso. This venue belongs to Stocchetto family and the drink is basically a Negroni where the gin was replaced with prosecco by mistake. Another more contemporary cocktail is Gin Zen, created by Edoardo Nono. It is a mix of dry gin, fresh ginger, homemade lime cordial, demerara sugar, fresh lime juice with a top of soda. This is one of the most requested cocktails in Milan.  

What challenges do bartenders and owners face?

Italy’s economic situation doesn’t allow people to make the investments they should. Many things could be done to start a fast growth of the bar system in Italy, but the fear of taking huge risks and a state that doesn’t support small businesses is really stopping this process. The biggest challenge a bar owner faces every day is making ends meet and getting the best results without losing too much money. You have to be very smart when making investments and keep an eye on the market every single day.  

What was the best cocktail you’ve had in Milan?

I always have great drinks in Milan. I have tasted a twist on the Americano created by Diego Ferrari in the Rotonda Bistrot. The name of the drink is Famedio. Vermouth and bitter liqueur where paired with a herb and hazelnut liqueur and an artichoke liqueur. If I have to choose a great classic instead I have to say the best Martini I ever tried was one prepared years ago by Francesco Cione at Carlton Hotel Baglioni.

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Tess Posthumus

Staffing crisis could open opportunities

The pandemic has thrown many challenges at bar owners over the past couple of years and the ones that survived the various lockdowns and restrictions deserve a pat on the back. However, while revenues are returning and bars are beginning to recruit once more, we’ve come up against a whole new set of problems, one of which is a global starring crisis.