EWG to auction Gin 1495 pack for The Benevolent Charity

04 November, 2014

The team behind the Gin 1495 project announced a limited edition pack will be auctioned with proceeds raised going to The Benevolent charity. 

The auction process will be organised by the Gin Guild with 100% of the funds raised donated to the charity which supports members of the drinks community in time of need.

The limited edition Gin 1495 pack consists of the two variants: Verbātim, the original 1495 recipe unearthed by Philip Duff in an out-of-print-Dutch history of Jenever and the modern interpretation, Interprětātǐo.

Philip Duff told DI: “It is a pleasure to shed more light on this burgeoning category. No one will buy this product, it is our gift to the world.”

Each aspect of the production was overseen by spirit historians, writers and mixologists: Dave Wondrich, Gary Regan, Dave Broom and Philip Duff in the grounds of EWG Spirits & Wine headquarters, Villevert.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, oenologist, master distiller and founder of EWG Spirits & Wine, added: “Gin 1495 is the fundamental expression of our business. It represents a search for knowledge, an insistence on quality, and a reliance on the skills that we draw from our heritage. We see the birth of gin, with a wine based spirit, in 1495 and its rebirth today in 2014.”

The remaining 99 units of the Gin 1495 set will be gifted to educational museums and gin archives worldwide. 

Bids can be made via 1495GINBID@gmail.comSee Facebook@TheGinGuild for full details. 

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