Bacardi introduces four new products to the UK

14 March, 2014

Bacardi has announced a UK innovation drive as part of its new campaign Untameable since 1862.

The ABV of Bacardi Gold has been upped from 37.5% to 40% in the UK, the limited edition Bacardi Superior 44.5% has been reintroduced and Bacardi Reserva Limitada and Bacardi Black are to make their UK debuts.

DI’s Hamish Smith spoke to Lisa Jazwinski, Bacardi brand director, about the new products.

Why has Bacardi choosing brought up the ABV of Bacardi Gold to 40%? Consumers are increasingly looking for more robust flavours. By changing the ABV on Bacardi Gold rum from 37.5% to 40% we can deliver cocktails like the Bacardi Cuba Libre and the El Presidente with a fuller taste profile.  

Why is the up-strength Bacardi Superior back in production? Due to popular demand, Bacardi Superior 44.5% rum is going back into production with an increased distribution and will be available to most major markets around the world. The limited edition Bacardi Superior rum was launched in 2009, inspired by the original design in 1909 and bottled at the original strength of 44.5% ABV used by early cocktail pioneers.

Bacardi’s prestige segment ($100+) brand, Reserva Limitada, is launching to the UK. Where else is it available? Bacardi Reserva Limitada rum is currently only available through travel retail and at the Bacardi visitors centre in Puerto Rico. However, the UK will be the only domestic market to have Bacardi Reserva Limitada rum available for sale.

Aside from the UK where will Bacardi Black be available? Bacardi Black rum is already quite widely available throughout Europe and the Americas. In the US, it is known as Bacardi Select rum.  

Prices and distribution details will be announced in due course.

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