China is the world’s leading red wine market

28 January, 2014

China, including Hong Kong, is now the largest market for red wine, according to a survey commissioned by Vinexpo the Bordeaux-based exhibition company.

The research was done ahead of Vinexpo Asia Pacific show, which is being held in Hong Kong from May 27 to 29.

The IWSR study reveals that red wine consumption has multiplied by 2.75 to 155 million 9-litre cases or 1,865 billion bottles, up 136% from 2008. While France, in second place decreased by 18% to 150 million cases and Italy went down by 5.8% to 141m.

The research suggests: “Apart from its virtues with regard to health, which have been widely lauded as an alternative to the impact of excessive consumption of rice-based spirits, the popularity of red wine is largely due to the symbolic importance of its colour.

“Red is a very positive hue in Chinese culture, associated with wealth, power and good luck. In business circles, these three values are fundamental. Red wine is therefore an obvious choice for business hospitality, where partners can drink to each others’ health. Red is also the colour of China,” it claims.

Vinexpo goes on to say that more than 80% of the wines consumed in China are made there and the nation is currently the fifth largest producer in the world.  Imported wines are gaining market share. Between 2007 and 2013, wine imports multiplied by seven and account for 18.8% of all wine consumed in China today.

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