Jim Beam's past and future present in Jacob's Ghost

13 March, 2013
Jacob's Ghost

The new white Jim Beam

Beam has announced the launch of the Jim Beam line extension, Jacob’s Ghost, its first foray into aged, white whiskey.

Unlike un-aged White Dog styles, or moonshine spirits, Jacob’s Ghost has spent one year maturing in bourbon barrels, before being filtered.

Available nationwide in the US for $21.99 per 75cl bottle, the spirit is said to exhibit the same wood-influenced flavours of a brown whiskey.

Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh generation master distiller, said: “Jacob’s Ghost represents both our past and our future. It’s a tribute to my family’s ancestry and our first distiller, while also showing our chops at innovation by perfecting what Jacob first created into a whiskey that’s unlike anything out there today.” 

Beam suggests the expression’s strength is in its ability to meet demand from whiskey drinkers for “inventive and unique spirit experiences”, while having the flexibility to cross borders into other categories and serving occasions, such as cocktails.

The group reported a recent test case found 77% of whiskey drinkers and 70% of vodka drinkers said they would “definitely or probably” purchase Jacob’s Ghost.  


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