Design and packaging

28 May, 2012

The gift that keeps on giving

He goes on to say that customers looking for gifts may shift to other spirits categories that offer more luxurious packaging. “If it were only the Scotch Whisky Association that was to ban them, then we can safely say all scotch whiskies would lose out to foreign competition which would continue to use them, or to other spirits, for instance bourbon, rum, cognac, vodka, gin, champagne...”

Design Bridge’s Cook says secondary packaging is important to the gifting sector. He adds: “As a gifting sector for duty free and premium outlets the box and outer packaging provide an essential story to drive purchasing. It would be risky for an individual whisky distiller not to offer them. That said, if all cartons were banned, consumers would not buy one brand over another for its gift-ability.”

Claessens’ Boulton suggests a more practical reason for secondary packaging – avoiding damage. He says: “There is a need in certain areas of whisk(e)y sales, due to the prices being paid and the rarity of the product, to ensure packaging is carefully designed to prevent damage while enhancing value through reflecting the high-quality image of the brand. For this reason, consumers, whether sympathetic to green issues or not, will always expect whisky to be packaged in a way that reflects its price, quality and rarity.”

I wonder what kind of box a Rolls Royce comes in? Maybe I’ll buy one and put it on expenses.

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Tess Posthumus

Staffing crisis could open opportunities

The pandemic has thrown many challenges at bar owners over the past couple of years and the ones that survived the various lockdowns and restrictions deserve a pat on the back. However, while revenues are returning and bars are beginning to recruit once more, we’ve come up against a whole new set of problems, one of which is a global starring crisis.