Campari swaps Cellar Trends for Catalyst Brands

04 May, 2012

Campari Group is set to place its UK distribution in the hands of Matthew Clark's new business arm, Catalyst Brands, following the cessation of the Italian group's contract with Cellar Trends.

Cellar Trends partnered with Campari for five years and - according to the UK spirits, wine and liqueurs distributor -  it has grown Campari brands’ spirits volume "by 68% in an almost static market".

In a statement, a spokesperson from Campari said: "With further strategic brand focus on the United Kingdom, Gruppo Campari will be entering, from July 1st 2012, into a new exclusive distribution agreement with the newly created brand agency Catalyst Brands.

“The new strategic platform provides an extended route to market in the United Kingdom and in particular across the on-trade where Campari will be driving its in-market brand plans.” 

The Campari brand portfolio consists of Aperol, Campari, Cinzano, Cynar, Frangelico, Glen Grant, Illyquore, Irish Mist, Ouzo 12, Sagatiba, Skyy Vodka and Wild Turkey.

Martin Watts, joint managing director of Cellar Trends, said: “Campari will move their brands following a decision as to how they corporately want to manage them in the marketplace. We wish Campari well in taking their brands to the next stage of development.”

In a parting statement, Cellar Trends said: “The Campari portfolio makes a contribution of less than 10% to Cellar Trends’ overheads."



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