Cognac Ferrand and Wondrich's Curaçao arrives in US

12 April, 2012

Pierre Ferrand Cognac's orange liqueur, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao - created in collaboration with cocktail historian David Wondrich - has been rolled out to the US.

Already available in Europe (primarily France and the UK) it will arrive in the US this month.

The liqueur is made from the peels of Curaçao oranges and spices blended with brandy and Pierre Ferrand Cognac.

Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao is 40% abv and will retail in the US for around $29.99 per 75cl bottle.

Alexandre Gabriel, owner of Cognac Ferrand, said: “Curaçao is a very special liqueur of the 19th Century that is all about taste. Unfortunately, the past 50 years have been devastating for this traditional product – it has been made bright orange, then bright blue, with artificial flavours.

“Curaçao can be a cheap, plastic, nasty liqueur or it can be heaven in a bottle. It all depends on the ingredients and the production method. We wanted to go back to the roots, the French take on Curaçao, the most accomplished one.”

According to Gabriel, the product came about following a conversation with Wondrich about bartenders’ “craving for an authentic Curaçao”.

David Wondrich said: “Back in the 19th century, when the art of mixing drinks as we know it came together, there were only a few liqueurs popular for cocktail use, and Curaçao was by far the most important of them, appearing in all sorts of drinks, from punches to cocktails to juleps and beyond."

Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao is a permanent addition to the Cognac Ferrand portfolio.


Nick Strangeway


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