Chile: Colchagua Valley wineries lose 25 million litres in earthquake

08 March, 2010

Chile: The Asociación de Viñas de Colchagua and the Colchagua Valley Wine Route have estimated a loss of 25 million litres of wine as a result of the earthquake.

A statement from Mario Pablo Silva, president of Viñas de Colchagua-Colchagua Valley Wine Route has guaranteed that the production and tourism areas will be functioning normally ‘in the very short term’.

He added: “Many of the wineries are already harvesting, bottling their wines, and reorganising their tourism projects in order to ensure the excellence that they are known for.”

In terms of volume, Silva said the total loss of stock (bulk and bottled wine) in the valley is approximately 25 million litres.

He said: “We have no reason to believe that this will prevent us from complying with our current commitments.

“With respect to infrastructure, the wineries have suffered damage to their cellars, although none that will affect the current crush season or production of bottled wine. As the supply of electricity returns to full capacity, vineyard operations such as irrigation will return to normal. The transportation systems are now functioning, although not yet expeditious.”


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