IXSIR winery

IXSIR winery paving the way amidst Lebanon’s economic crisis

06 July, 2022

Lebanese winery IXSIR is continuing to produce quality wines with the August to September harvest season approaching, despite challenges brought on by Lebanon’s ongoing economic crisis.

With the price of grapes continuing to rise, IXSIR has been working to maintain healthy relationships with its farmers, making sure they receive a margin that allows them to continue making a living, planting, and nurturing the vines.

IXSIR CEO, Jad Esta said: “In Lebanon’s current crisis, the only way that Lebanese wineries can survive is through exports. We at IXSIR are finding self-sufficient methods to continue production and also calling all the wineries in Lebanon to join us as a united front to present our wines to foreign markets.”

The cost of a basic food basket has seen a 351% increase since 2021, according to official figures, and in a country where energy shortages lead to a reliance on diesel-powered generators, Lebanon has experienced a 72% increase in the price of diesel between February and April 2022 alone.

IXSIR uses a private generator and solar panels to power the winery, working with farmers to install drip irrigation and optimise water use, while reusing water waste at its winery to irrigate gardens, using sustainability to support harvest and production.

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