UK: Molson Coors to reduce packaging

08 July, 2009

Molson Coors has signed up to Wrap’s packaging reduction scheme. The Courtauld Commitment is a voluntary agreement between Wrap and major UK grocery organisations that supports less packaging and food waste ending up in household bins.

This includes using innovative packaging formats; reducing the weight of packaging (e.g. bottles, cans and boxes); increasing the use of refill and self-dispensing systems and collaboration on packaging design guidance.

Molson Coors (UK) chief executive, Mark Hunter said: "Working with Wrap we have seen how we can minimise waste the whole way through our supply chain - from when the British barley arrives at our maltings right up to the moment when the beer is poured into the glass.”

Wrap’s drinks category manager, Nicola Jenkin said:  "Molson Coors (UK) has worked closely with Wrap in the past on initiatives such as light-weighting beer bottles. This initiative resulted in an initial 13% weight reduction, saving 4,500 tonnes of glass each year on their 300ml Grolsch bottles, before further light-weighting on 300ml Grolsch and Coors Light bottles, saving an additional 4,000 tonnes each year."


Dominic Roskrow

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