Scotland: Spencerfield Spirits launches special edition Sheep Dip

06 May, 2009

Scotch whisky Sheep Dip gets a special edition pack. 

Spencerfield Spirit is launching a limited edition Sheep Dip barrel pack to commemorate this year’s Homecoming Scotland celebrations.

The handmade wooden barrel, lined with sheepskin encases a bottle of Sheep Dip whisky, made from 16 single malts.
Alex Nicol of Spencerfield Spirit said: “Whisky belongs on Spencerfield Farm and we are very proud of our links to the story of America’s whisky.  We want to keep the spirit of James Anderson alive and raise a toast to our deep-rooted connection to America.”

Sheep Dip emerged in the US in the 1980s but was taken off the market by Jim Beam in 2000. Spencerfield Spirit rescued the brand five years later.

Spencerfield Spirit whiskies are available at all “The Whisky Shops”, Royal Mile Whiskies and online at <> for £29.99.


David Williams

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