US: Belvedere vodka launches new flavour

01 May, 2009

US: Moet Hennessy’s Belvedere vodka has launched Belvedere black raspberry.

The fruit vodka is made using a month-long maceration process of Polish raspberries and French black currants.

The new flavour joins Belvedere citrus and orange macerations.

Belvedere's master distiller, Claire Smith, said: "Belvedere black raspberry is an all-natural flourish of real flavor that completes the trinity of Macerations within the Belvedere family.

“This vodka is best served chilled, over ice or with soda for guilt-free enjoyment."

The vodka will launch with an ad campaign that centres around the tagline "So you're curious about maceration." Ads will run primarily in women's and men's fashion magazines such as Harper's BAZAAR and V Man.

Belvedere is also hosting week-long pop-up spaces in New York City and London where launch events and exclusive parties will take place.



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