The Ultimat purchase
Published:  27 August, 2008

US-owned Ultimat vodka is aiming for growth in global markets after the worldwide distribution rights were bought by Las Vegas-based tequila producer Patron Spirits.

Patron paid an undisclosed sum for the rights from New York-based Adamba Imports International and said it would immediately offer the Ultimat brand portfolio to its distribution partners in 60 overseas markets.

Ed Brown, president and chief executive of Patron, said: "Ultimat is still very much in its infancy and we see tremendous potential to increase awareness and build this brand across the globe."

Ulitmat was launched five years ago and is growing at around 20 per cent annually, according to Adamba president A dam Bak.

"In that short time we've seen remarkable gains," he said, "and are forecasting to continue this climb."

Ulitmat is triple distilled and bottled in Poland and is claim ed to be the only vodka on the market that combines potato, wheat and rye in the recipe.

The range includes black cherry and chocolate-vanilla flavours, with retail prices in the region of $50.


Dominic Roskrow

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