AV Imports adds Codorníu to portfolio

27 August, 2008
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West coast USA fine wine and spirits importer AV Imports intends to add to its portfolio after being bought by Spanish wine producer Codorníu.

The importer is being renamed AV Brands and will be headed by Mike Kenton as chief executive.

Kenton was president of Napa Valley winery Artesa, also owned by Codorníu.

"AV Brands does not strive to be the biggest marketing company," said Kenton, "but it does intend to be among the best.

"We will focus primarily on organic growth of current partners along a path that guarantees our ability to maintain the highest level of performance."

He added that "strategic acquisitions of additional prestigious brands will also be part of our growth plans".

AV is being bought from founders Ron Wollman and Albert Percora in what Cordorníu described as a "multi-million-dollar deal".

The company ranks in the top 20 importers in the US by volume and has a portfolio that includes Tio Pepe sherry, Camus Cognac and Caliterra Chilean wines.


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