Perrier-Jout opens world's oldest Champagne

09 March, 2009

Perrier-Jout opened the worlds oldest Champagne, at a tasting to celebrate the inaugural vintage of the 21stCentury.

Perrier- Jout opened the worlds oldest Champagne, at a tasting to celebrate the inaugural vintage of the 21st Century.

12 wine and champagne experts from around the world gathered to taste 20 historic vintages, including the oldest champagne in the world: Perrier-Jout Vintage 1825.

The session was hosted by Serena Sutcliffe MW, head of the International Wine Department at Sothebys and Perrier-Jout Chef de Cave, Herv Deschamps.

Sutcliffe said: It is virtually impossible to assign a value to the 1825 vintage weve never seen anything like it on the market.

The event was organised to mark the release of the Houses inaugural vintage of the 21st Century, Perrier-Jout Millesime 2002. The tasting also included PJ 1874 heralded as the most expensive Champagne in the world when it was sold at auction in 1885.

Guests included Richard Juhlin from Sweden; French wine critic Michel Bettane; Roger Voss US wine magazine The Wine Enthusiast as well as experts from the UK, China, Japan, Italy and Finland.

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