UK: WSTA welcomes Gov't plans to tackle problem premises and drinks promotions

03 December, 2008
The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has welcomed the government's plan to focus on problem premises and drink promotions. 
The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has welcomed the government's plan to focus on problem premises and drink promotions. Ministers have pledged to consult on a mandatory code covering all alcohol retailers together with discretionary powers for police and local licensing officers to restrict or ban premises and products deemed irresponsible.

Jeremy Beadles, chief executive of the WSTA, said: "We welcome the Government's determination, based on its own findings that most businesses are operating according to industry best practice, that action to tackle alcohol misuse should be focused on the minority of irresponsible premises and promotions. "We will work with Government to ensure that a retail code tackles the minority of irresponsible premises and doesn't just create new layers of bureaucracy and red-tape for the majority of responsible businesses, local authorities and our over-stretched police forces. "

"It would also be wrong if action aimed at tackling the problem minority resulted in millions of responsible consumers paying a higher price for their weekly shop."
Earlier today, the Queen’s speech included a call to tighten the rules around alcohol sales in a bid to tackle binge drinking. The Queen's policing and crime bill included aims to prevent the misuse of alcohol. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to outline plans later this afternoon. 

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