Award for Chapel Down English wine

25 November, 2008
English wine producer Chapel Down has won an award for excellence in marketing.


English wine producer Chapel Down has won an award for excellence in marketing.
The Chartered Institute of Marketing acknowledged Chapel Down’s achievements at the Food, Drink & Agriculture’s annual President’s Dinner. 

The award recognised Chapel Down’s role in rejuvenating the English wine industry and its success in ‘taking on’ a well-established global industry. The company was also applauded for its role in encouraging consumers to purchase the goods and services of their own country.
Outside the UK, its wines are selling well in Hong Kong, Japan, the USA and Scandinavia and demand is now outstripping supply by about six to one. 
Chapel Down was also recognised for its understanding of environmental good practice and issues. In addition to planting its own vineyards, the company was praised for the support it provides farmers across Kent, Essex and Sussex by offering long term contracts to grow grapes.

Guy Tresnan, sales and marketing director of Chapel Down said: “Just seven years ago we were a producer of decent, if slightly quirky wine. We’re now a profitable, prestigious company which is giving people the opportunity to enjoy top quality wines produced from an English harvest.”


Dominic Roskrow

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