Trentino unveils global plan to become 'Champagne of Italy'

27 August, 2008
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A marketing campaign promoting Italy's Trentino region as the Champagne of Italy is being launched globally this year.

Trentino is one of the most important producers of Italian sparkling wine, with almost eight million bottles produced there last year . But wine drinkers around the world do not associate the region, in the north of the country, with quality sparkling wine.

The campaign, which was launched in Italy at the end of last year, includes the re-branding of the Trento DOC logo, which is now written in capital letters with the two "O"s designed to represent the rémuage process, which involves the turning and inversion of the bottle to bring the lees into the neck prior to their removal.

Maurizio Rossini, marketing director for Trentino Spa, said: "The new brand identity will be used as an umbrella logo for T rento DOC brand to enable us to build global brand awareness of the premium quality of Trento DOC and reposition it as the Champagne of Italy."

Tiziano Mellarini, councillor for Trentino agriculture, commerce and tourism, said the re brand was necessary because Trento DOC is "Italy's oldest methodo classico wine, although it is not often recognised as such by the trade ".


Nick Strangeway


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