Kendermanns Special Edition 2006

27 August, 2008
Page 20 
Brand owner  Reh Kendermann

Produced in Germany

Size 75cl

Price £6.99, e4.99

Abv 12

Markets Worldwide

Contact (UK):, (rest of world)

Reh Kendermann, the German wine producer, has unveiled a special-edition cuvée comprising the native German grape variety, Dornfelder, with the Burgundy grape, Pinot Noir.

The fruit is said to be sourced from selected vineyards from growers in the Pfalz in the south west of Germany, close to Alsace, with whom Kendermann has long term contracts.

It is described as smooth and rounded, with aromas of black cherry and plum, and notes of tobacco and spice.


David Williams

Championing the unsung wine heroes

The wine trade can be divided into two fundamentally opposed camps. on one side, you have the romantic idealists who believe that wine is – or can be – something special, bordering on mystical: an elixir like no other, comparable to the greatest works of art.

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