Global bartenders unite

27 August, 2008
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The Tanqueray Guild is said to be a global collective of the world's leading bartenders, established to celebrate the art of the cocktail, their craft and the authentic, original gin martini, according to brand owner Diageo.

Aligned with the Tanqueray No Ten brand, the 10 bartenders, from 10 bars in 10 cities - Athens, Barcelona, London, Miami, Milan, Mexico City, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo - met in London last month.

The chosen 10 are supposed to return home to become master of their own guild of 10 master bartenders.

The founding bartenders are: Colin Field of the Hemingway Bar, Ritz, Paris; Gi uliano Morandin, The Dorchester, London; Jos é María Gotarda, Ideal cocktail Bar, Barcelona; Yiannis Tsiros, Galaxy Bar, Athens ; Luca Pirola, Tearose Café, Milan ; Yukiyo Kurihara, Mandarin Oriental , Tokyo ; Alex Xian, Bar Rouge, Shanghai ; Brian Miller, Death & Co, New York ; Philip Nott , Setai Bar, Miami and Admunsen Eguía Lis Perez, the Whiskey, Mexico City.

A ll believe the perfect martini cocktail is made with Tanqueray No Ten and stirred, never shaken .

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