Gastro Beers

Chefs match sushi with beer

Matching food with the right drink should be a matter of taste,

not habit. It's wrong to assume that wine is the inevitable solution.

27 August, 2008
Page 50 
Japan's most famous cuisine, sushi, is eaten traditionally with sake but many prefer beer. The Royal Garden Hotel's executive chef, Steve Munkley, sushi chef Ricky Idris and Beer Academy co-founder, Rupert Ponsonby, got together at the London hotel last month to match different beers with various sushi dishes from around the world.

Following the tasting g uests were asked to choose their favourite combinations , which were:

?atec Pils (Czech Republic) with minted cucumber maki rolls (pictured right); Sol (Mexico) with warm-grilled eel nigiri; Schneider Weiss (Germany) with sea bass, ginger and soy sauce and Kasteel Cru (Alsace) with chicken teriyaki sichimi roll (pictured left).

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