Face to face

Alan Gourdie

managing director

Tiger Beer UK and Europe
27 August, 2008
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== What has been your greatest achievement? ==

I have been involved with many launches, campaigns and innovations for brands such as Tiger and Heineken . I am proud to have been a part of these, and to be frank, the really powerful ones have usually been exercises in successful collaboration between customers, agencies and sister companies.


== What is your greatest strength? ==

Curiosity. I have done personality profiles and one of these described two of my most important characteristics as the drive to learn and compete.


== What concerns you most about the drinks industry? ==

That the misuse of the alcohol by a few will increase costs and ruin the enjoyment for the majority of the sector. As a brand owner, where this leads to in terms of major restrictions on our ability to build brands responsibly, is a related concern.


== Is there one up-and-coming trend that you think is important but has been overlooked? ==

Beer is in danger of being commoditised, as brewers struggle to fill breweries and retailers struggle to compete . As these realities drive behavior, consumer understanding of the differences in lagers and ales can be difficult to establish. In terms of lager we are arguably where we were with wine about 15 years ago . However, now many consumers know the difference between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. With world beers, fundamental taste profiles and the image differences between brands are more understood and with it consumers are making better choices when buying beer to compliment an occasion or dish. Tiger is a true Far Eastern brand has evolved to compliment cuisine for the region.

== Do you have an extensive knowledge of imported beers and if so how do come by it? ==

My own knowledge of beer comes from working in the industry for about 14 years and for most of that time my focus has been on establishing international premium brands like Heineken and Tiger in all types of markets.


== What do you like to drink? ==

Tiger, Heineken and a lot of Antipodean wine.

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