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27 August, 2008
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  • Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia

    Never one to pull punches, Tom Stevenson admits the fourth edition is only an "intermediate revision" . Nevertheless, for those wavering, he goes on to say that it is not just a change of cover colour, there are "thousands of changes". Not just the latest vintage reports - 2007 for the southern hemisphere and 2006 for the northern, but under -performing producers have been "deleted to squeeze in up-and-coming producers" (ouch!) and new appellations .

    Published by Dorling Kindersley

    Price: £35
  • Cocktails #7

    Simon Difford, a doyen of the mixologist fraternity, has published a hefty tome of more than 2,250 cocktails, which he has collected "during 10 years of visiting and writing about the world's best bars".Everything from a mojito to a liquorice all sort, Difford says the book "is intended not only to encourage more people to enjoy cocktails at home, but to help them appreciate them when drinking out". As for the book ... stirred but not shaken.

    Published by diffordsguide

    Price: £25/US$35
  • Bordeaux Chateaux: A History of the Grand Crus Classés 1855-2005

    This benchmark reference book, first published in 2004, is now available in Italian and Czech. As you would expect from a book weighing a couple of kilos it is packed with lavish photography.

    Published by Flammarion

    Price: £30/E50


Philip Duff

Dirty cocktail names: Is it the end?

There are lies, damn lies, statistics – and then there are statistics about cocktails. It emerged recently that a UK firm named Travel Republic surveyed punters, and apparently 29% of them disapprove of sexually suggestive cocktail names.