Agwa de Bolivia

27 August, 2008
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Brand owner Babco Europe

Produced in Amsterdam

Size 70/75cl

Price £26/US$35.99

Abv 30

Markets Worldwide


First launched in 1999 in the US, Agwa de Bolivia has since established a cult following in Canada and Australia, before a relaunch and global sales push in January this year. November sees the coca leaf-based liqueur's arrival in the UK and further launches are planned for Spain in January 2008, plus India, Malaysia, Norway, South Korea, China, Ireland and others later in the year.

Coca leaves are shipped from Bolivia to Amsterdam where they are processed, distilled and blended with guarana and ginseng. Each 70cl bottle uses 40g of coca leaf, which is reputed to possess stimulant and local anaesthetic properties.

With its vivid green colour, Agwa is certain to appeal to existing absinthe devotees, but the drink contains no active ingredients related to cocaine. "The primary cocaine alkaloid is distilled out," says Babco commercial director, Alan Brogan. "The secondary alkaloids that remain are perfectly legal. The product has been tested in all jurisdictions and is EU, US FDA and TTB approved."


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