Brown-Forman launches alcohol awareness forum

20 August, 2009

US: Brown-Forman has launched an online alcohol awareness forum called Our Thinking About Drinking. includes a “balanced body of research and learn about important alcohol-related issues,” according to Jim Bareuther, executive vice president global business development.

Brown-Forman has shared its company’s positions on issues being discussed by a range of stakeholders, including individuals, families, local communities, researchers, and legislative bodies and policy organisations around the world. The forum also encourages others to post their comments on the site, whether they agree or disagree with Brown-Forman’s point of view. 

Bareuther said that Brown-Forman believes the Our Thinking About Drinking Issues Forum is an important foundation and next step in the company’s leadership in responsibility-focused efforts. 

He added: “Deciding to be transparent about the company’s positions requires us to seek balanced information, feedback, and insights on an ongoing basis – a practice that we hope will help inform our employees, business partners, and other stakeholders.

“It is an opportunity for us – and for all interested parties – to contribute to the ongoing dialogue and discussion about the role of alcohol in society and how to curtail abuse and promote responsible consumption.”

Initially, the Our Thinking About Drinking Issues Forum covers five important categories for responsible alcohol consumption: Youth & Alcohol, Drinking & Driving, Alcohol & Health, Overconsumption
and Marketing & Access. 

Under each of these categories, there is a summary of research, policy considerations, and Brown-Forman’s position on various issues, including drunk driving, alcohol and pregnancy, legal drinking age, and binge drinking, among others. 

The Issues Forum also invites experts to share their insights, research, and opinions on these topics. Marcus Grant, president of the International Center for Alcohol Policies, Betsy Thom, a professor at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom, and Dr. Curtis Ellison, of the Boston University School of Medicine, already have contributed their thoughts on the site.  Brown-Forman expects to add more opinions as the site develops.

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