Netherlands: Grolsch gets cool

30 July, 2009

Netherlands: Grolsch has introduced a ‘cool meter’ on cans in the Netherlands, using a recently developed Thermochromic ink.

The temperature sensitive ink, which has been developed in partnership with Rexam, indicates when the beer inside is cold enough to drink. The ink, which begins to change colour at 11°C, turns blue when the beer has reached the ideal drinking temperature (between 6° - 8° C). The new ‘cool meter’ will be available on all Grolsch 330ml cans in the Netherlands from this summer on.

 Jan Nales, director of marketing at Grolsch said: “With the ‘cool meter’ Grolsch makes the consumer aware of the temperature of his or her beer in a unique way. It adds value to our cans, which many will enjoy.”  
The cool meter is part of the COOL campaign by Grolsch in the Netherlands. This campaign is part of Grolsch’s mission to make sure that everyone can enjoy quality beer.



Nick Strangeway

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