Armagnac to play important role for Criollo

27 August, 2008
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Criollo Supreme Brands has struck a duty-free and travel-retail distribution deal with Armagnac Chabot for its brand Sempé Armagnac.

The brand encompasses Benelux countries, France and outlets of the Nuance Group Europe.

Criollo managing director Jo Raskin said the Armagnac could play a small but important role in the duty-free operators' liquor offer. "I travel regularly and am convinced that the travel-retail liquor business is moving towards specialist shops. Armagnac is a niche product, but every shop should have a small selection ," he said.

"We should remember that as Cognac becomes more scarce, Armagnac is an excellent alternative."

Criollo, based in Belgium, has also added an Irish cream liqueur to its spirits portfolio, which will be available in the same European markets as Sempé.

Coole Swan liqueur was launched in March this year and is independently owned. It has been listed by UK luxury department store Selfridges and it will be in Nuance's hands next month.


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