Schneider and Gokan to open The Odd Couple in Shanghai

20 September, 2018

Steve Schneider and Shingo Gokan have announced they will open a new cocktail bar called The Odd Couple in Shanghai, China. (picture:

The Odd Couple is said to “create a high-energy and fun-loving vibe reflected by its ‘80s theme” and will have a dual menu consisting of eight pairs of signature cocktails.

Each pair of cocktails will revolve around a specific flavor profile, featuring a version from each bartender and additional classics like highballs will also have a place in the collection of drinks.

Schneider, also of Employees Only and The Strangers Club said: “I want to clarify that Shingo and I aren't opening an overly-themed 80s bar with 80s gimmick drinks. 

“The design and vibe of the place will be a bar in 2018 designed by a couple of guys in 1983 - basically what we thought the future would look like back then.  

“The drinks will be modern with a blend of classics. Basically a little bit of everything.  In a nut shell, I can say imagine a bar with the drinks of Speak Low served in the style of Employees Only - that's The Odd Couple.  I am getting goosebumps at the thought.”


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