Nearly 20% of cognac production affected by hailstorms

08 June, 2018

On May 27, Cognac was hit with a hailstorm that affected a significant proportion of the vineyards within the appellation.

Alexandre Gabriel, proprietor of Maison Ferrand and vineyard owner, said: “During the hailstorms the last few days, a small part of our vineyard was affected. 50% of the vines in 30 ha of our vineyards suffered damage.

“Our thoughts and support go out to our neighbors, who were more severely affected. While it is a bit early to estimate, 3,500 ha of the Cognac region sustained damage to 80% of its vines, and another 10,000 hectares saw 20% destruction of the crop.

“We hope that we will not be surprised by yet another storm. Today, our priority is to heal our vineyards.”

The Cognac region accounts for around 80,000ha of vines according to figures supplied by BNIC, 90% of which is used to produce cognac.

Nearly all of the grapes used in the production of cognac is Ugni Blanc, considered more durable than other varieties.

Speaking to David Boileau, ambassadeur au cognac at BNIC, he said the hailstorms, which have been described as ‘devastating’ and ‘catastrophic’, will effect the yield of this year’s harvest.

Emmanuel Painturaud of J.Painturaud, cognac producer and supplier to Rémy Martin told DI they were very lucky to evade the storms having all of their vines dotted around the Grande Champagne region.

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