Sustainable wine merchants opens in UK

27 September, 2017

New wine merchant Wanderlust Wine has launched this month (September) in the UK, aiming to supply sustainable wines sourced from small, artisan producers around the world.

Wines will be sold solely through its online shop, and can be delivered to the following day.

The Wanderlust Wine Club has also been launched as part of the offering, which aims to help wine enthusiasts discover new wines and regions.

There are various membership levels, starting from £25 per month, and benefits will include special offers, invitations to producer selection tastings and opportunities to ‘meet the producers’.

“Wanderlust Wine has been set up to fill a real void in the marketplace, offering good value, quality wine made by small producers with sustainability at their hearts,” said Richard Ellison.

“Wanderlust means ‘a strong desire to travel’, and we want to help wine lovers explore the boundaries of the wine world, with new wines, new regions and new styles, at affordable prices.”

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