Mezan launches three Caribbean rums

04 May, 2017

Carribean rum distiller Mezan has launched three vintage rums from Trinidad, Panama, and Jamaica which are now available worldwide.

Trinidad 2007 and Jamaica 2005 are both 46%ABV while Panama 2004 is 40% and all three are available Europe only.

Jamaica 2005 is distilled at Worthy Park which was reeopened in 2005 and the rum is produced using molasses and double distilled using a Forsyth’s pot still.

Trinidad 2007 is produced with a local yeast strain fermented for 48 hours and distilled between 80% and 95% alc. It has been aged in the Caribbean in burbon casks before being sent to the UK, where it was transferred into casks that had previously held old Trinidadian rums.

The Panama 2004 is distilled in a modern multi-column still using local sugar canes and yeast and aged in two stages in white oak ex-bourbon casks.


Joe Bates

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