Vinexpo sets its stall out

01 March, 2017

Vinexpo CEO Guillaume Deglise was in London today (March 1) to extol the virtues of attending the Bordeaux show in June (18-21).

Two years ago there were 2,350 exhibitors from 44 countries. There were 48,000 visitors, 37.8% from France. The top five of the rest came from: China, US, UK, Germany and Canada, leading the charge.

Deglise announced Spain as this Vinexpo’s ‘country of honour’ while a new feature WOW! - World of Organic Wine, will host 200 producers. There will be a conference/seminar on ‘Global warming, its impact on vineyards’ and one on the ‘Impact and Risks of Brexit’ - an analysis of the impact of the UK leaving the European Union on global trade.

Also, there will be a ‘Riesling Day’ on the Tuesday which will be a masterclass run by the Institute of Masters of Wine.

Deglise beseeched lapsed Vinexpo visitors to come back.  “There have been lots of changes,” he said.  He also pointed out that the trams now run from Bordeaux city centre out to the exhibition site.

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