Pernod Ricard reveals new Absolut bottle

28 April, 2015

Pernod Ricard has unveiled a new Absolut bottle design with a reduced glass weight in a bid to ‘create an icon for the future’. 

The bottle features an updated logo, new script, new medallion and brand signifier.

Peder Clason, global brand strategy director for Absolut, said: “The Absolut bottle has been iconic for several generations; now it’s time to make the next bold statement for Absolut. Our goal has been to transform an already perfect bottle to make it even better. We were extremely privileged to work with the very best creative within their discipline. The new bottle maintains everything that is Absolut Vodka – bold, original and creative, making it ready to face to future."

The new bottle - available globally from Autumn/Winter 2015 - was created in collaboration with Brand Union. Absolut says one of the most significant updates is the brand signifier that graces the back of the bottle. 

Global design strategy manager for Absolut, Caroline Mörnås, added: “Through the recent redesign of our flavour range, we gained the confidence to implement a level of detail in our collaborators’ work in a way that previously would not have been possible. The end result is true to Swedish design tradition where every part has a purpose and is executed in a simple but elegant way.”

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