Peter F. Heering Sling award finalists

05 July, 2013

The 20 finalists for the Peter F. Heering Sling (by country, cocktail name, bartender name and bar) are:

China | Sling Brulee | Murphy Ho kin Yiu | Chill Bar

Denmark | Mr Heerings Sling Fix | Hasse Bank Johansen | St. Pauls Apothek

Denmark | Sling Diversity | Zander Lauritzen Hanse | Drinks Meister

England | Cherry Delight | Giedrius Lipinskas | York & Albany, London

England | Rye Sling Star | Ben Manchester | Hotel du Vin, Brighton

England | The Don | Massimo Rizzo | Old Bengalas Bar

Finland | Ginger Sling | Kim-Peter Hyöty | Rocktails 

Finland | Sling Granate | Laura Suutari ­| Fontana Club

Germany | Expressyon | Tiziano Mori | Crazy Cocktail

Greece | Caribbean Sling | Konstantinos Kapniaris | Omilos

Norway | Singapore Slang | Rune Salomonsen | Barakademiet

Spain | Passage of Singapore | Juan Jose Maillo Garrido | Cameo Bar

Switzerland | Gingepore Slang | Patricia Brenta | d'bar

Taiwan | Undercurrents | Gao, Yun- Siang | MOD Public Bar

UAE | Salute Commander Venus | Lus Surianto | Madinat Jumeirah, Mina A´Salam

US | Highland Sling | Michael Flannery | New York City

US | The Bucktown Sling | Anne Marie Sagoi |The Charleston

US | Sterling Sling | Lucinda Sterling | Lucinda

US| Tartini Sling | Will Tomlinson | Lil' Will

US| The Cats Paw | Natalie C. Harry | Revival Bar + Kitchen

The final takes place at the Tales of the Cocktail show in New Orleanson, July 19.


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