Champagne exports up 3.4%, UK leads the way

13 March, 2013

The Comite Champagne, the generic body for Champagne producers, has announced today (March 13) that the world exports have risen 3.4% by value, despite a 4 million drop in shipped bottles.

For the 17th year the UK remains the number one market for Champagne with 32.4m bottles sold. That is 6.1% down in volume but total value has risen by 0.5% to 470m Euros, according to the Champagne Bureau in the UK.

Francoise Peretti who heads up the bureau told Drinks International: “Value is up, but volume is down and the UK market is in the leading position.”

Speaking at the annual Champagne tasting in London, she said: “People talk about emerging markets. Well, London is an emerging market for Champagne.”

Peretti points to London restaurants, clubs and hotels as the key to the growing value position of the world’s most famous sparkling wine. The UK on-trade/premise, represents 30% of the UK’s total sales.

“London truly is leading the way as the place to come and explore the best of Champagne’s diversity,” Peretti extolled.

Full exports results will be released at the end of the week, Peretti told DI.


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