"First floral vodka" Absolut Hibiskus launches

17 December, 2012

US: Pernod Ricard has launched Absolut Hibiskus - what it describes as the first ever floral-flavoured vodka. 

Launching to the US on and off-trade from January next year, the new flavour is a blend of hibiscus flower and pomegranate and is said to take “inspiration from the garden”.

The 40% abv flavoured vodka will be rolled out through to selected global markets in the spring of 2013.

Pernod said the presence of hibiscus brings a slightly acidic, berry-flavour to the vodka that is “underlined” by the sweet notes of pomegranate.

Nodjame Fouad, global marketing director at The Absolut Company said: "We're very excited that today for the first time Absolut brings a floral flavored vodka to market. What I particularly like about Absolut Hibiskus is that its combination of flavours is fiercely original, bringing cocktail culture in a new unexpected direction.”

“In recent years, in bars all over the world, a new sophistication has emerged regarding floral concoctions. People have begun to appreciate the many possibilities flowers bring to the world of cocktails.”


Dominic Roskrow

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