Jack Danielís Sinatra Select in Vegas Airport

13 December, 2012

Jack Danielís has launched its first installation of Jack Danielís Sinatra Selectís†'The Sinatra Experience' in Las Vegas airport.

This is the first of a series of installations that will be launched in major global airports and boasts three interactive Sinatra Experience stations to ďimmerse consumers in the ĎFrank & Jackí storyĒ.

Each Jack Danielís Sinatra Select installation of the Sinatra Experience will feature areas for tasting, viewing, and listening, says brand owner Brown-Forman.

The tasting area will give consumers the opportunity to taste the product and will showcase one of the special one-litre bottles.

The viewing area provides an opportunity for visitors to see photos of Frank Sinatra. The listening area will include Sinatraís music and the retelling of his life and his relationship with the Tennessee whiskey brand.

ďThe Las Vegas Airport was selected to be the first place in the world to receive Jack Danielís Sinatra Select because Vegas was such an important part of Frank Sinatraís life,Ē said Jim Perry, managing director of Brown-Forman Travel Retail.

ďFrank and Jack literally spent years flying around the globe together; wherever Frank went, Jack Danielís was by his side. Along with our retail partner, Nuance, we are very excited about the Las Vegas airport installation. We feel that our airport installation will engage consumers in the story of the great friendship between Frank and Jack as well as educate them about the unique craftsmanship of this exclusive whiskey.Ē

Visitors can buy a bottle of Jack Danielís Sinatra Select in the duty-free store. The special edition bottle comes in a luxuriously designed gift box and features a book telling the story of the legendary friendship between Jack Danielís and Frank Sinatra.

It is known that on stages throughout the world from the 1950s through the 1990s, Sinatra would always offer a toast to his audience with a glass of Jack Danielís in his hand. Initially a travel retail exclusive, the suggested retail price for Jack Danielís Sinatra Select will be determined market-to-market.

Selected by Jack Danielís master distiller Jeff Arnett, ďSinatra barrelsĒ used to make the product were blended to provide an extra full character and darker rich amber colour by exposing the spirit to extra layers of toasted wood on the inner surface of the barrels.

The extra rich barrels were mingled with classic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and bottled at 90-proof, resulting in a character that is full of oak and spice notes with an exceedingly smooth vanilla finish. The smooth, bold character of the whiskey is meant to embody the smooth, bold character of Frank himself, according to Arnett.

Jack Danielís Sinatra Select will be available in Tennessee, including at Lynchburg and other select cities starting spring 2013.


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