Former Cooley MD to create Irish whiskey company

30 April, 2012

Jack Teeling has left his position as managing director of Cooley Distillery, just months after its sale to Beam, to set up an independent Irish whiskey company.

Speaking to Drinks International Teeling said: “The new venture is at an early stage but I’m looking to bring back an independent voice to the Irish whiskey category.

“At the category’s stage of evolution there is a need for breadth and choice that the multinationals can't provide. I feel like I have some unfinished business in the category from my Cooley days that I want to try and tackle.”

The first release will be a collection of super-premium aged Irish whiskeys made from single malt, double-distilled stock owned by Teeling.

He said: “I personally bought a parcel of old whiskey a few years back that was offered back to Cooley but at the time they did not have the need or finances to buy it.”

Teeling expects further releases beyond the super-premium range but has not finalised the particulars.

Teeling sold Beam in January 2012 following a €95 bid by the US-based Beam. 


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