French wine is the ideal

18 January, 2012

French wine is the favourite of regular wine drinkers in the UK and China and the second preference in Germany, says Wine Intelligence.

In research commissioned by ProWein ahead of the 2012 Düsseldorf event, consumers in the UK, the US, Germany and China were asked about their ideal wine.

In the UK, 15% of regular wine drinkers said their ideal wine was from France with Australia ranked second with 11%.

ABV was also found to be important to UK consumers with over 80% saying it was something they considered.

For the Chinese middle-upper class that drink imported wine, 57% said their ideal wine was French, 10% said Chilean, 5% Chinese, 4% Italian and 3% Australian.

In Germany, domestic wine is favoured, said the research, while  - contrary to industry perception - 43% of German regular wine drinkers said their ideal bottle of wine would cost € 5.00 or more.

67% of Germans said their ideal wine would be organic, sustainable, fair trade, biodynamic or carbon neutral, compared with 34% in the UK and 42% in the US.

Alternative closures have become more accepted in the US, found the research, but natural cork remains the ideal closure for 56% of US regular wine drinkers.


David Williams

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