MoŽt chalks up the vintages

20 July, 2011

MoŽt & Chandon has created a new identity for its Grand Vintage champagne labels.

The new look is inspired by the tradition of using chalk plates to identify the different vintages in the MoŽt & Chandon cellars in Epernay.

The new label will debut in the UK market from September on bottles of MoŽt & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002 and Grand Vintage Rosť 2002.

According to the company, the chalk label ďreinforces the authenticity and heritageĒ of the brand.

Elsa Corbineau, champagne director at MoŽt Hennessy UK said: ďWe wanted to convey the heritage and ethos of the house. The hand-written element is simplistic, but exudes class. The collection dates listed on the coffret enable us to invite the consumer to feel part of and celebrate the houseís long-standing history.Ē

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