Global warming: Brown Bros looks to Tasmania

25 May, 2011

Brown Brothers acquisition of the two Tasmanian wine producers is recognition that global warming is a reality and the company has to look to cooler climes to ensure its future.

Ross Brown who heads up the still family owned and managed Victoria state-based producer, told Drinks International that the AUS$ 32 million acquisition of Tamar Ridge and Pirie represented a huge investment for the company but it was vital to its future.

“We have bought 400 hectares which is 20% of the total Tasmanian production. It represents about 1% of Australia’s total production but Tasmanian got four in Matthew Jukes' top 100 Australian wines and that is 4% of his awards. Pinot Noir is the growing category. It has 5% of Australia’s total but is growing at 20%,” said Brown.

“We recognise that Pinot Noir is enormous (Tasmania’s cool climate is perfect for cultivation of Pinot Noir) and, as for the future I think we have to take global warming as read,” said Ross.

Brown Bros has a reputation for being innovate. It first came to prominence with its Orange Muscat and Flora dessert wine. Later it introduced Tarrango which is a grape variety that produces a light-bodied wine similar to Beaujolais. Its latest is Cienna Rosso, a full-bodied, low alcohol (7.5%) sparkling red wine.


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