Lanson launches champagne education website

11 May, 2011

Lanson International has launched a website to educate trade and consumers about champagne, called L‟Académie de Lanson.

Paul Beavis, managing director of Lanson International UK said the website is a result of three and a half years of research and the level of investment is in “the very high six figures”.

He added: “L‟Académie de Lanson has been launched to inform and engage with all champagne drinkers; from the consumer wishing to explore and understand different styles, to members of the food, drink and hospitality trade who work to stock, serve and recommend a balanced champagne offering, whether it be in an on- or off-premise situation.

“In our eyes, L‟Académie is a continuation of a journey first embarked upon by the Champagne Lanson team in 2008. We identified a notable lack of knowledge about champagne in comparison to still wines and a desire to learn more. Education and information has been a core part of our communication ever since and L‟Académie de Lanson is an extension of this.”

Beavis said Lanson as a brand is “more concerned with taste than with beautiful women draped on cars.”

Visit the website at


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